28 Jan 2016

Sure Get Love Back.

Shat Karma Prayogs have got their own utility and they are devised to make human life happy and progressive. Though the feeling and aim with which these prayogs are done, person has got its own thinking and reason.

A Capable sadhak decides according to circumstances and uses these procedures when he considers himself appropriate. He neither does it upon instigation nor under the compulsion of emotion because effect is always there.

One of the prayogs among Shatkarma Prayog is Vashikaran…..It has been said also that Vashikaran is the process of avoiding bitterness in speech. But it is not possible everywhere in every circumstances…..Sometimes one face certain situations where such efforts of person does not yield any result, one has to take assistance of sadhna. And sadhna only means attaining all that which is not in our fate but it is in accordance with decorum and rules of society.

Vashikaran sadhnas are seen with inferior point of view. A reason is but obvious that these sadhnas have been used in wrong manner but by it, utility of sadhna does not end. It is responsibility of capable sadhak that whenever he gets time, he should keep on doing these sadhnas. Then only continuity in sadhna world can be established.

In today’s time ….because this era is very much influenced by Venus planet. Therefore, person has become more inclined towards the things of enjoyment. Love and affection has got its own importance in life. But if by any reason, circumstances are not becoming favourable then these easy sadhnas have got their own utility in making these circumstances favourable which cannot under-estimated.

But using these sadhnas for destroying anyone’s life or fulfilment of contemptible feelings is not at all right. Doing such things only causes a harm because today time is such that person does prayog on any girl passing by. Do not do like this otherwise person will himself be responsible for wrong doing to any other person.

Dress and Aasan will be yellow.
Day will be Friday.
It can be done in Morning or Night.
Yellow Hakik Rosary has to be used for chanting mantra.

Use name of desired person (which you want to make it favourable) in place of Amuk. It can be any female, male or officer.

Perfect Mantra:-

।। Om Chiti Chiti Chaamunde Kaali Kankaali Mahaakaali Amukam Me Vashmaanay Swaha ।।

This mantra is perfectly given by me,
You have to chant mantra 11,000 times and after mantra Jap, offer 1100 oblations by this mantra. You can use hawan Samagri available in market. Numbers of days is not fixed but do it in 5 or 7 days because only 110 rounds of mantra have to be chanted.

After completion of prayog, you will feel yourself that how the environment has become favourable. But keep in mind that in such mantra your concentration, dedication and your faith in them plays very important role.