27 Jan 2016

Good By Misfortune.(Amazing Power Of Tantra)

The ancient Indian scriptures are full of bewildering feats performed by great Yogis and work Avatars, Many seem to be a figment of imagination. But was it so?  Or did they really possess astounding powers?  And if they did why can't we?  To us it might seem unbelievable but it is a fact that Hanuman once flew over the ocean to reach Lanka . Lord Krishna did heave up the mighty Govardhan mountain to save his people from torrential rains . Vishwamitra did start the creation of another universe altogether.  What was behind their wondrous powers?

It was Tantra.  Today the word is much feared and East unknowingly people confuse Tantra with base rituals for propitiating evil spirits.  Tantra is a science of seeking the help of the beneficial powers prevalent around us whom we know as gods and goddesses.  A knife or a gun could well be misused but real Tantra can never be,  for the divine powers would never agree to harm anyone or put into action destructive plans.

Tantra in fact is an all pervading science through which solution to any problem can be had through the creative means.  Tantra is an Art, a medium of linking oneself with nature,  It is the name of an organised system through which even the impossible could be achieved without in any way disturbing the natural equilibrium.  It is a means of linking to the powers of the soul and making quick and sure progress in life.

One of the most efficacious pan of Tantra  "sun  science" or the science of the sun.  Sun we know is the very basis of life.  Astrologically and spiritually sun represents the soul.It denotes fame,  fortune,  success,  power and progress.  By linking oneself to its and subtle powers one could bring an end to all misfortune offer in one's life.

Presented here is a wonderful Sadhana based on Sun science and Tantra.  It comes as a wonderful divine boon for those who ever face problems,  the hurdles and misfortune in their lives.  It can be seen in the lives of several people that no matter how hard working,  honest and intelligent they are good luck seems to shun them.If such is your case and if nothing seems to work in warding off bad luck and misfortunes and if you face constant hurdles and problems in every task you undertake then this is the Sadhana for you.

It is best to try this Durbhaagya Naashak  sadhana (Sadhana for destroying misfortune)  on a Sunday early before sunrise.  Early in the dawn have a bath and wear fresh red clothes.  Sit on a red mat facing East Cover a wooden with red cloth.  Then in a copper plate place Sun Yantra.  Light a ghee lamp. offer red flowers,  vermilion,  rice grains on Yantra then take water in the right palm and pledge thus- I (speak your name)  am doing this Sadhana for the removal of these problems in my life (specify the problem)

Then let the water flow to the floor.

Thereafter chant five rounds of this Mantra with Durbinaagya Naashak roasary.

।। Om Hreem Hreem Kleem Hreem Hreem Om ।।

After the Sadhana take water in a copper tumbler and put rise grains and vermilion in it.  Then go out and offer it be rising sun . The power of the Sadhana combined with the subtle powers of the sun would all your misfortunes even as the fire of meditation burns away all one's weaknesses. The same day drop the yantra and rosary in a river or pond.

Sadhana  Articles - 1250/- Rs. ($19)