30 Jan 2016

Catch signals of Soul.

Realisation of the soul or linking oneself to it The is the greatest achievement of human life.  There are so that many Sadhanas and rituals and meditations for this purpose for the simple reason that once a person is able to reach to his soul then his life could change for the better.

Just imagine you could know what is about to happen in the future or that there is some danger lurking around some corner. If one could know all this and much more then life could become so easy and fruitful.  Then one could make amazing and very quick clot progress,  for one would then be able to avoid dangers,  problems and unfavourable circumstances and make the best use of the good opportunities.

This is not mere fantasy.  Rather it could turn out to be real if somehow one could make a contact with the soul that resides within.  If this were to happen and one could unfold the secrets of the future beforehand.  One could avoid future accidents and mishaps by taking the appropriate precautions.  One could know if some new acquaintance is reliable or not.  One could Mai easily realise whether the new friend is there just for his selfishness or he is true. One could foresee whether a business or job would be to one's benefit or not.

Thus one could receive thousands of signals related to the future regarding a variety of issues.  The lord has made this world very mysterious.  But what we do not know is that to every secret there is a key,And we also do know that the key lies in one's soul.

But without the energy of Sadhana the voice of the soul gets stifled.  Then the mind starts to play tricks and one tends to ignore the signals of the soul.The false dazzle of the outer world so blinds the mind that it is unable to see the signals of the soul that it constantly keeps receiving.

You too could activate the voice of the soul.You too could link yourself to the soul.  You too can seek true guidance from the soul.  And through the signals thus received you could change your luck for the better and attain to totality.

This Sadhana should be tried on a Monday early in the morning. Have a bath and wear fresh white clothes, Cover a wooden seat with white cloth,  Sit on a white mat facing North.  On white flowers place a Aatma Cheitanya Yantra.

On all four comers of the Yantra place a betel nut each smeared with vermilion.  Make a circle on the Yantra with turmeric powder and then offer vermilion and rice grains on the Yantra.

Then with a "Praannash-chetana" rosary chant eleven rounds of the following Mantra. 


।। om Ayeim Gloum Ayeim Tthah Tthall Hum Phat ।।

Do this for eleven days.  If you have some question in mind ask it and within the Sadhana period you shall have the answer . The answer can come as an intuition,  dream or any other medium . One should try with full faith and without doubts. Afier Sadhana drop the Yantra and rosary in a river or pond.

Sadhana articles 6,000-Rs.($90)