3 Feb 2016

Mechanism: the science of dreams

Yoga does not depend too much on the power of imagination, because of the different techniques and means. But the system relies too much on fancy yoga. It's a very systematic process, including through the imagination. Imagination is transformed into a medium that destroys the boundaries of your current existence.

This experience and reality takes a completely different aspect. You have seen the Board of esoteric tantric? They are very detailed and sophisticated. If they create a system that will work day and night for three or four people work because they are too esoteric and has to create a certain way. This is a way to train your mind to visualize and how to use it, but very controlled manner. So this is also an artist, the only difference is simply that he does with all his instinct, not with a system. But the system in a certain way, using imagination, is used as a science.

If you see Tantric practice, you will find that the very manner of the ladies are worshiped. Imaginations envisioned is a particular goddess and all the nuances, it is envisioned, for example, from his clothes to jewelery, from her fingernails until everything else is fiction with about awareness. After some time, it is no longer a fantasy, it becomes a living reality. It is a living force in the life of a psychic becomes and the use of force that is unique in many ways that are sometimes unreliable. There are many more aspects, but very powerful way imaginable.

If I give you an idea, you can create a life full of just that idea. This only
Tantra is the art. You can try. This may take a minute. Go to any tree or grass sit down. Close your eyes and imagine it in your mind and make again. Blades of grass with complete clarity of the picture and make your mind. Start from the top and bottom or at the speck in your mind and make this gradually. The straws with cent percent complete liveliness and clarity will make your mind. It will require much work.

In my childhood I had created all things in your mind. If you can, let me tell you another thing. If you can create in your mind, in your mind the memory of the little finger Customize detail. When I say the memory, then it would mean that many properties in the little finger. Maikromilimitr the extent you proceed closely and make every little thing in your mind. Doing so will cause your brain a tremendous prospect. Now if you want you can create your little finger than grass. That mechanism. It is also common that you sow a seed, it will grow and the Tantric him within an hour or two of them will come to fruit, because it is a dream.

If the tree is only a dream, your body is a dream, it is a dream world. In a way, this is a dream, it's all relative - to have these things happen to us is based on. That which we call Maya. Maya does not mean that it does not exist. Similarly, it does not mean that his dreams do not exist. Existence, but that is not what you are understood. Through its five Gyanendraion you are understood, it is not like that. Its nature is quite different.

If such mechanism is a science, which started working with them and the imagination to such a level that you'd have a whole world can touch.